Unfortunatly the time has come for Gio's surgery. He goes tomm to get it done. I am very nervous about it because of the anestsia and the fact that he will have stitches. I did go for a pre -opp appointment and the found out he has Phimosis. I guess the foreskin is so tight at the tip . It has now become medically necessary because of it. The Dr. is afraid the moisture is sitting inside and not streaming completely out. This can cause severe infection. I am so nervous but i know it is for the better. The dr has never heard of this disorder so he is worried about the healing process. Anyone know????
My name is Julie and I am the proud mom of 2 CIE children born with a collodion membrane. My Ana is 13 , GIovanni is 6 and I have a uneffected daughter Francesca who is 18 months old