Poor Julia was terrified of masks again this year! Last year our neighbor scared her with a mask, and then this year we spent WEEKS talking about masks, and how people were underneath, etc. So we were trick or treating at a house, and she turned around, and who was waiting in line behind her, but a girl in a really scary mask! She SCREAMED! Oh my goodness, she will be an awesome horror movie actress. 20 seconds long, at least! Poor kiddo - we only hit up one more house after that and she was done. My mom came down (she posts on the grandmother's board), so we were glad to have her here, and I think generally we had fun, besides the masks. Candy was slim pickings b/c of the mask scare - good for her, I suppose, she doesn't need a ton of sugar...bad for me, because I like candy lol

Julia and her Halloween flashlight. We also had glow-in-the-dark nailpolish!

Julia and I...bad picture of me lol

I'm not sure what the pumpkin was saying to her lol

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Mom to Julia