Thanks to all for all your advise. Lochlin was born on the 7th of October (2 weeks early). Labor was not to bad active labor ended up being only 2 hrs 45 mins (total labor being about 12 hours) and he was born without any assistance and only spent 2 hours in neo-natal unit. At this stage it looks like he only has a mild case with the hands and feet being the worst affected but it seems to be coming up in others parts of his body as the days go by (but not as bad). We are working with doctors to sort out the best treatment for him. His hands and feet are cracking which is causing him some pain but the creams/ baths seem to working so far and it is improving (slowly) by the day. We are hoping that it continues to work but are looking into other products in case. We see the doctors again in 3 weeks to check progress.