I have two things to throw out there for your consideration... The big one is that I have noticed over the years that I develop an "immunity" to some products. I have had products that melted the scales off me like magic and then one day, it just doesn't work anymore. Sometimes you have to change around to keep the good results going.
I don't know anything about the state that you live in, but in Michigan, they do not combine their disability money with social security. What that means is that if you are disabled, you get a check from the state and a check from social security. I don't get SSI, but I do get a state disability check every month. It's nowhere near as difficult to apply for as SSI and it helps pay for the stuff I need for my skin.
Every state has a "rehabilitation" commission meant to help people with a disability (even Ichthyosis)and they may be able to point you in the right direction. Check out your state's website and search on disability and see what resources you can find!