Candace -- I am sorry you are having such a hard time, I agree its SO expensive to try all of this different stuff! Try calling the companies that make the products, explain to them your situation, and ask if they have any assistance program that might help. They will at the very least send you coupons to cut the cost down some.

We still haven't gotten rid of all the collodion on Kallie's arms and legs and I am so ready for it to be gone. You have my number, if you ever need to talk don't hesitate to call me. I can't imagine going through this with my first, not that's its easy with the second but at least I am not worried about all the first time mom things on top of this skin stuff. Hugs and hang in there!!
Kati, Mom to Kennedy Jane (March 2007 -- unaffected) and Kallie (May 2009 -- collodian layer and no diagnoses yet)