Hi Candace,
I can completely relate to what you are going through. We are in our second year with Casey right now.
She does have seasonal shedding, it seems. This past spring, she had a really terrible spell but had a great summer. And now, it seems to be coming back again. We didn't change her routine or anything like that, it just started coming off in sheets (kind of).
Previously, we tried changing her routine but ended up back with her usual routine. There is no magic cream to get rid of it all, in my limited experience - just hang in there. I know it is hard to feel you are doing everything in your power with no positive results.
Thank God for this board so we can support one another!
Good luck
Mom to Casey born Feb 17/08(?LI/CIE), Sara born Feb 18/06, and Kaitlyn born July 2/03
Casey has been tested positive for a genetic mutation in the ICHTHYIN gene (which is indicative of either LI or CIE)