What you are seeing is probably a seasonal peel. Lots of people with Ichthyosis "molt" with the change of seasons, usually Fall and Spring. Increase the amount of moisture you are getting into the skin, either through a second bath or extra lotioning, and set up humidifiers in the main rooms where he spends his days. This will be your first winter with the condition, and you will find that his skin changes a lot as the weather changes. Watch out for cracks in his hands and feet, and don't get too worked up about the flakes. They don't mean you are doing a bad job, or are a bad mother, it means his skin is getting rid of a dry layer. That's all.

Some people have gotten governmental assistance, but I'm not sure how they did it. There are also people on the board always willing to do a product swap if you just ask -- what are you specifically interested in? If I have some of it, I'll be glad to send you some to try out.
6 year old daughter with CIE (non-bullous)and a non-affected infant daughter.