Hi, My boys had the pox last Jan. My older son (non-affected) got them first & broke out very slowly over the course of a week. his barely showed & healed quickly. Two weeks later when Jesse (has x-linked) got them in the morning I noticed just a few starting. We left him with a friend so we could attend a funeral & when I came home two hours later he had broken out SOLID from head to toe. Doc said it was the worst break out he had ever seen. We took him to clinic as the pox developed on his eyeballs. We were given a script for claritin & by the next day he looked alot better. I took pics after the claritin. (wish I had got the before but he was far to ill) Doc suggested that he may have broken out so badly because of the skin condition. He also took much longer to heal afterwords.(a good two months) but my boys were not vaccinated either. I would suggest that if you do get a breakout you should check into a script if your Physician is willing. As for us it stopped him from breaking out any further than he did. Good luck & I will pray that you get passed over all togather. Misty