It's time to get our daughter her annual flu shot, and once again the issue of the shot v. mist has come up. We've always treated her as "immune compromised" just like they do for kids with asthma, etc., and do the shot instead of the mist. Then our pediatrician does a booster three months later to make sure A. is protected the entire season (she had a nasty case of flu as a 2 year old and none of us wants a repeat). Only problem is that she is TERRIFIED of shots. Even as an infant she would start screaming the moment the nurse entered the room and wouldn't stop until we were in the car to leave. I would love to get the mist for her, but there just isn't any guidance out there for us on this! What do *you* do about flu shots and your kids?
6 year old daughter with CIE (non-bullous)and a non-affected infant daughter.