i'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that you should let the soles of her hands and feet soak and then when they are good and watersoaked you could kinda file them...with one of the foot files that you can get at almost any department store...i don't have palmar-plantar ehk, i just have ehk...and when the soles of my feet begin to get scaly where they catch on my socks i file them a little...it's not complicated, it actually kinda tickles. just remember to be gentle, hope that helps! =]
21, EHK.
First & only!

...i think either you're born simple...or you're born, me

there's this baby up in the nursery.
he's brand new.
no one's neglected or damaged him yet...
how do we get from there to here?
-Grey's Anantomy