I just took both kids (Alex for the icthyosis, and Lizzie for some warts) to see Dr. Treat at CHOP. I was very happy with him. He new what he was talking about and wasn't pushy about trying new creams, or using some sort of steroid or acid type cream on Alex (we have been against both until he is more concerned with how his skin looks, for now he is comfortable with just plain Aveno cream) I didn't feel like we were a science experiment because he has both xli and kallmans. He understood that Alex is a little nervous around Dr.'s right now due to some rough ENT appts. and didn't automatically want to freeze off the small wart on his nose.

Overall I was very happy and was wondering if anybody else has had any experience with him good or bad.
Mom to:
Alex (xli and Kallmans - 2/3/05)
Liz (3/16/07)