britmum~ I totally understand your use of "hopeful". We are FINE if baby #2 has EHK... we kind of hope he/she (Hopefully SHE) doesn't.... Luckily.. We have TONS of experience in my family 4 GENERATIONS of it.

One of the best dr's in California, Dr. Linda Golkar in Loma linda has never had 4 generations of EHK in her practice, much less 3.... She's requested to see me, my mother, and my son. smile And her students took pics of me and TJ and wrote us up in a paper. I'm hoping to get a copy when it's published. I think that if I have more kids with EHK that we'll be fine.... except we'll go thru TONS of vaseline (we don't use aquaphor.. too expensive and it doesn't spread well.. the $$store stuff works fine for us)

Wife to Carlos and Mommie to TJ, preemie born 1 mo early 8/14/08 with EHK, Down Syndrome, and a BEAUTIFUL personality!