Hey all, I'm just curious to see how many kids all of you have that were born with EHK.

carlos and I are trying for number two. Yea some of you may not agree but it's my and carlos's choice lol. We thought it thru and talked about it at length.

personally.... I believe I"ll have 2 out of the 3 kids total I want that will have EHK. We're fine with it....

I know some of you don't want to have a baby because of the risk of EHK. thats never been an issue for me. smile

So .... HOW MANY KIDS IN YOUR FAMILY DO YOU HAVE WITH EHK? (or if YOU have siblings with it... how many?)
Wife to Carlos and Mommie to TJ, preemie born 1 mo early 8/14/08 with EHK, Down Syndrome, and a BEAUTIFUL personality!