I tried fish oil (in the capsule form) for itchyiosis. Initially I tried taking if after food , This did not show much of improvement.

I tried it an hour or two before food and it worked great. It gave more energy , made me calm and also SKIN would become amazingly soft (I wish I would touch it again and again ....). This is amazing feeling. However next day it make skin even more dry..., bit scratchy also.

What could be reason behind this ? If somebody suggest me on how to get this effect but without getting the side effect ( i have tried freezing the capsules also ) ? you will make my LIFE !
( also I would suggest everybody to try the same as the side effect could be specific to brand which I am taking, you might get the good effect only ! )

Can you please explain how you are taking the same ? in which form liquid or Capsules ?
Are you taking it with vitamin E ? Did you ever felt the sceen to be drier and itchy after few hours after taking the fish oil ?

Plz plz respond.....