Hi! My son Brandyn has LI and has been scratching a lot recently..specifically behind his ears, scalp, chest and thighs. Our dermatologist says that itching is not associated with LI and therefore believes that Brandyn has eczema too. I'm not so sure of this though because the itching gets worse as he goes through periods of being very scaly. Also, the derm. gave us two steroid creams to try and they have done nothing.
As of now, he's still scratching regardless of the fact that I'm putting cream on him almost every hour and he's actually breaking the skin behind his ears frown

Any advice? Also, is itching associated for LI?

I'm currently using QV repair cream, Eucerin and Alpha Keri lotion.
My name is Morgan. My son Brandyn was born on 26th June, 2008 in Sydney, Australia as a collodion baby and has been diagnosed with lamellar ichthyosis.