hey peeps

to all our friends here in the UK, if you want a very successful lotion to try, its a Alpha Hydroxy Lotion, (lactic acid and urea) its Canadian made by Dermal Therapy but available here in UK from Advanced Care Products in Ipswich, they have a web site and is available on line for around 20 in a reasonable sized bottle of 474ml

be careful EHK sufferers, it can make you ichy, but for X-linked IV, wow, its changed my life, 42 years on and i practically cleared the scales within 5 days, well done to Dermal Therapy and lactic acid

the way i use it, i take a long warm shower, have a good soak, no soap, apart from hair, give myself a gentle rub with buff gloves to exfoliate, exit shower and partially dry off, armpits crotch and head, then using the wet skin to aid light spreading, smear the lotion all over body, after say ten mins, ya body is dry enough to cloth, excellent

i showered two to three times daily to start and was clear within 5 days, now i shower first thing in day, i have a little dryness now and then, i think it just reminding me i got it still

but hey, its summer now, my skin is great, and i'm confident enough to wear shorts
roll on winter, i can't wait to see the effects

take care peeps
pete mackean