I'm in charge of the conference raffle next year. I am seeking some skilled crafters that would be willing to make whatever their specialty is as a donation for the raffle. The funding goes to FIRST, the gift goes to an affected family, and you get a tax break for your efforts. Everyone wins!

At the moment, I am making some quilted tote bags. My mom is making some Vera Bradley-style purses, and my grandma is making a baby afghan for this event. I am hoping to get a quilt, maybe some doll clothes, stuffed critters like Raggedy Ann dolls or those stuffed country bunnies or bears, maybe something knitted, cross-stitched or sewn? Another idea - if anyone here makes cards, a selection of them would be nice. Any candle or soap makers here? Does anyone here make rock candy or chocolates? Please email me or post on the thread if you are willing to help.

The conference is next June 28-30th, in Chicago.


Reticular Ichthyosiform Erythroderma with white spots.
Husband, Nathan - 4, Elliot - 1, all affected.
Ichthyosis-en-Confetti Type 2
Husband, Nathan - 10, Elliot - 7, Oliver - 4, all affected.
I also have an unaffected daughter, age 8.

email: jennifer at confettiskin dot com
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