Originally posted by Les Avakian:
Hello Jay
First of all, welcome to our ichthyosis family and I am happy you found us.There are times you are going to deal with people who are insensitive and rude, and just dont have a clue.Some of the mothers in our foundation have cards that explain their childs skin disease, and give them to those who are staring and inquisitive.Check in with Jean Pickford or Maureen Tierney at the foundation at info@scalyskin.org. for information about cards. In the moms section, there are numerous posts on how they deal with the stares.I am affected with x-linked ichthyosis, so I give the stare right back in a non-confrontational look.What type of ichthyosis does your grandson have? Does your daughter know about FIRST, our website at www.scalyskin.org, and our Ichthyosis Support Network. Possibly we have families down south in your area that you can meet.Take care Jay and I hope to see more of your posts.By for now.
Central Cal Les