Goodmorning, I'd love to share my successful fund raising with you. My husband's bussiness is in direct store sales. We ask his customers, Store Managers, for donations and explained FIRST to them. We had a generous response, a bicycle, a $100 gas card, gift certificats, ect... Then we sold raffle tickets to family members only who were also very generous. I am now investigating the legalities of a public raffle. I was told you must get a permit, but I am not sure if it is state, county, or city issued. I enjoyed doing this and our family all got information on Baby T's diagnosis. Good luck to all of you and your wonderful grand children. I plan to join the kids at next years convention, and hope to meet you there. Will chat soon. CSG aka grammy

Carla Grahl
Sherman Texas
Carla Grahl aka Gram Santa Rosa Beach,Fl