Yes, I have had a terrible time over the years avoiding skin infections. As soon as I think there's any hint of one, I use Bag Balm (an antiobiotic ointment originally used only by farmers on their cows' udders). This tends to do the trick for minor stuff. If it doesn't and I notice any spreading of infect, I call the doctor ASAP and go in immediatley to get antibiotics. With infections, if you have ichthyosis all over 100%, you should not mess around with them at all!

I strongly recommend that anyone with or without any type of skin condition use an antibacterial soap daily, and even take some to work with you if you need to rather than use the soap there as it may not be antibacterial, or just plain rough on your skin. I use Cetaphil's antibacterial bar soap.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.