I'm experimenting with clarified butter (Ghee) on my left leg, and Amlactin on my right. So far the ghee seems to be holding it own with the amlactin, as far as looking the same, one week into it.
As in, cocoa butter is cheap, but it gets absorbed quickly, and XLI skin looks dry again about two hours later. The ghee out performs cocoa butter, if you don't mind smelling like toast.
My theory is that ghee has high cholesterol and the extra unsulphated cholesterol will seep into the my skin, and help prevent scaling. I found Ghee has the highest cholesterol concentration, as far as supermarket products go, after an exaustive three minute search on the internet.
Probably the best result is a combination of the two. A hydroxy lotion to take off the first layer, and the clarified butter as an upkeep.
I'll let you know how my results turn out.

Ghee is used in Indian food, and the FoodMaxx here has a indian food section, with mason jars filled with ghee for about $5.50