Thanks for replying... I didn't mean to sound so grumpy there. To give you further updates, the doctors still haven't found the cause for anything I'm going through right now. The approach they're currently taking is to treat the symptons. Now the dermatologist, neurologist and general practitioner are discussing putting me on Accutane or Soriatane so that my skin will be "better." My husband and I think that unless the Accutane (which I've been on before, along with what I think is called Methotrexate) makes my skin more elastic or supple, it's not going to affect anything. I've been searching on the web for information from people who've taken these drugs and so far it sounds like many of the side affects outweigh the good the drug can do. I posted in another area on the site asking for people to tell me what POSITIVE effects the drugs have had on them. Maybe this will help me come to a decision.
I also am probably going to go see a dermatologist in Seattle that specializes in Ichthyosis. (I live oustide of Portland, OR) I'll keep you folks posted on what happens, and will let you know even if it turns out top be something totally unrelated to ichthyosis.

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I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.