This is my first time posting a message here. This site has helped me tremendously, what a thrill to learn that there are so many people out there with the same symptoms as me! I've also learned so much here - I never even realized that my "heat" isue was related to my skin issue!

One of the symptoms of my ichtyosis is that I get very hot as soon as I begin exercising or even sit in a hot place (under the sun). My face gets tomato red and my head starts to throb. It is extremely uncomfortable and I usually have to stop exercising because it leads invariably to long-lasting headaches. The "keeping cool" hints on this site have been great for me.
But enough with the sob story: I am currently seeing an accupunturist who is truly helping with the heat issue. She is not sure she will be able to help my skin itself, but I am already seeing results in terms of my face getting excessivly red and sweaty during exercise. She pokes tiny needles into body points related to the lungs / breathing. I promise, it is not painful and definitely worth any discomfort.
I hope this helps you (let me know!)