Hi Everyone,
My son was born last year and he was born
with a serious skin condition.
Although we suspected and mentioned to the
doctor that he seems to have 2-3 different
types of skin condition, we were not taken
seriously (I guess).
It is only after we gave him half a dozen chemicals (desitin, cortizones, cortico steroids and finally Ayurvedic medicine ...
All of them failed to give any permanent relief, I cannot say much about Ayurvedic
medicine because the medicine tasted so
bad that he stopped feeding and we stopped).

We then took some initiative on ourself
and we stopped his milk and started
Soy based and then to Nutraminigen and
we were able to control his allergy
part of it.

Now the remaining part was lamellar
icthyosis (as identified so far).

For his scalp we are applying Moisturex
and the benefits started coming when we
started putting diaper over his head.
This finally allowed his hair to grow.
(He had good hair when he was born which
he lost due to periodic scaling on his
For the rest of the body, he itches a lot and we tried oatmeal and he had a significant
allergic reaction to it.
For now in his bath we put Olemessa bath oil,
which seems to help a bit. And we apply, Eucerin half a dozen times during the day.
We also use a medicine prescribed in India
for his icthyosis called Effaderm. We have
currently stopped this to see if this has
any effect or not. initially we did feel that
this was helpful.
Our latest method is to try applying diaper
on his head and his legs... so far good results.
On his right hand we apply red root oil (a
traditional oil usually applyed to babies).
On his left hand we are in the process of
trying Jajoba oil and a bunch of other oils
as mentioned in one of mail in the bulletin
Because of his constant itching and crying
due to that he has not grown and he looks
like a 4-5 month old even though he is
about 11-12 months old now.
I do want to try some alternate medicines
for application. He peels like crazy and
we apply so many creams almost all the time.

Although they say this is hereditary, no body
in mine or my wifes family has it. And sometimes we even cling to the hope that it
is not icthyosis and it will go away one
fine day [img]http://www.ichthyosis.com/ubb/smile.gif[/img]
His blood test shows high content of Eosinophil, which I heard usually indicates
So far only Diapers and to some degree Olemessa bath oil has been helpful to us.