Iīm Sebastian, from Germany.
Has anybody made expiriences with "Farnesol"?

Itīs used in some cremes, I found 2 articles in the internet about it.
I didnīt understand all, but it seems that this "Farnesol" is good stuff.

Please check out these links and tell me what you think about it.

In the last article there are 2 interresting phrases:

"...Finally, topical applications of farnesol increased mRNA and protein levels of the differentiation-specific genes, profilaggrin and loricrin..."

-Profilaggrin is the Enzyme that isnīt enough produced in Ichthyosis Vulgaris

"...as well as protein and mRNA levels of two proteins required for cornified envelope formation, involucrin (INV) and transglutaminase increased..."

-As far as I know Transglutaminase is the Enzyme responsible for Ichthyosis Lamellaris

If you understand those articles better than I, then email (seb233@yahoo.de) me or post a message