You're absolutely right, Laura. It is always good to check out combinations of natural remedies before taking them or talk to your doctor if you are taking allopathic medicine. Noni juice can be used alongside medicine and other natural remedies. I take noni before prior to other nutritional supplements as it actually helps the intestine to aborb more nutrients. So in your case the flax seed should work even better. The principal behind noni is that it contains an alkaloid called xeronine essential to proper cell function, regeneration and sustained health. It also contains a pro-enzyme called proxeronine and a catalyst enzyme proxeronase which stimulate the body's own production of xeronine. While proxeronase is abundant in the living tissues of the body (including skin and hair), proxeronine is usually in depleted amounts and must be obtained through diet (or noni!). Without the correct amounts of either of these, xeronine cannot be produced in the body hence leading to illness. Hope this answers your questions.

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