Hi, it is Carmen again. And I would like to share with you that I too take Tahitian Noni Juice and I have just finished a big bottle of it and am trying to get another bottle today because I am too scared to leave it. Just incase my 5 month old baby gets all his brown scales back. I am on a lot of vitamins as well for him as I am breast feeding and I tell you what my skin has improved a lot and I have got normal skin. My mum thinks that my skin has never looked and felt so good and as for Winson my baby, well, he has got LI and he is suppose to have brown scales which he had all over him and he was a very unhappy baby. He was on pain killers twice a day and all he would do was cry. And I am pleased to say that he has been smiling and he has been very playful he is now a different baby. We went to his doctor yesterday and even he said that he is soooooo different he couldn't believe the change and the nurse that comes and helps me couldn't believe it either. She went to bath him yesterday and instead of crying and screaming Winson was laughting and talking. She was so happy for Winson she stayed extra long to play with him. This house has been different too it is now a happy house and every one is feeling the differents. So I say try it, it can't hurt you and maybe it might work for you too. It is soooo good to be a happy mother again.

But please, as Ann said sometimes I still wonder is he going through an up or it is the Juice?????? But I am too scared to delt and risk Winson going through hell again. It is expensive but I think a happy baby is priceless. May God Bless. Carmen