Hello X-Linked Larry
Welcome to our site and happy you asked. Many of our friends like aqua glycollic, Lachydrin 12% and 5%, dermal therapy, amlactin, Laclotion, Lacticare, Eucerin Plus, and a whole assortment of creams to many to list here.Everything is by trial and error to see what works best for you. Many years ago I tried Lacticare, but the ingredients were not strong enough for me. Im partial to Lachydrin 12% lactic acid for its ability to exfoliate my scales and helps with itching. Right now is when my scales turn a dirty brown on my arms, and the dryness and scaling on my legs and top of my ankles are more pronounced.Ive also used Triceram on my lower legs to control the extreme dryness and cracking at this time of year.How is the climate down south affecting your skin? Take care Larry and hope to hear from you.By for now.
Les Avakian