Hi everyone! I`m new here and I think it`s great that there is a forum like this on the net.
I have congenital ichthyosis and I don`t have scales on my whole body, but only on my torso, below my chest and on my armpits and the pelvis area. Also, I have it on my scalp.
But, what is troubleing me is that I have an unusual penis condition, which I presumed it`s connected with my ichthyosis. I`m uncircumsised.
Since I`m not really experienced with english and this is a sensitive subject, I will try to explain it as simple as I can, I hope you`ll understand.
I`m 18 and I`m virgin, so this troubles me very much...
My penis head hurts when I rub it (as at sexual intercourse). I assumed that`s because of my ichthyosis, but I don`t have any visible scales on my penis... Maybe it`s some disease that comes along with ichthyiosis... I also have fordyce condition on my penis (self-diagnosed), but this shouldn`t be connected with this pain. I`m a little ashamed to go see a doctor about this.
Does anyone here has this problem? I`m really concerned about it, I hope someone will answer it...
Thanks in advance.