Whats up guys ! Im glad ive found this site, I never met anyone else with icythosis besides my sister, but anyhow im more happy that I can share my tips and techniques with you guys to hopefully give u some more options or better your life. well here are just a few things i can recomend for icthyosis patients, however i have mild llameller so this is more geared towards that.


the face has the least scales,shave with razors and a good shaving cream once a day keeps skin nice and smooth and keeps scales away. also when applying lotion to the face make shure u use a comfortable hand towel and run part of it under realllly hot water, then rub the scales off your face, then use the dry part of the towel to clear all dead skin cell debris off the face, then re wet another part of the towel with hot water and litely go over your face, then apply lotion or cream with towel over face let, dry and dont move your face to much untill it "cures". Also I MUST recomend NEO STRATA neocuticals reg strength, it saved my life, thanks to it My face isnt as much RED as it is "TAN"

as far as the other body goes, get one of those sea loaf body wash things, take hot showers, and let the water get all over your body first, dont use any soap at this time(soap makes body slippery wich doesnt help when trying to sluff off scales) once body is all wet, start using your hand and apply pressure to skin and just move your hand back and fourth making tiny little rolls of scales, then once u descale all the problem areas, rinse all the scales away, and then apply a good moistirizer soap. dial works good for me, as far as feet goes just wear socks all over 24/7 like me ! I also found wearing sweat pants at nite helps keep moisture in my legs. If anyone has any questions or wants to talk email me at gallinaspeed@yahoo.com I hope I helped
Ever need to talk ? Im always here im me on aim "GALLINAspeedsk2"