I am a psychiatric nurse in adolescent mental health area, work closely with the organisation Family Planning and have hosted many overseas students. Might point out here too...I have been a teenager (LOL) despite now being 54!!
Talking with adolescents it is clear their wants/needs are not being met in areas of talking about what is perceived as "taboo" topics with some of their families.

I am new to this forum and from my observations I don't see much in the way of young people posting or asking many questions.

I've searched my mind as to why? Have they given up hope? Have they been discouraged from talking about such issies?

My granddaughter has ichthyosis and she will be well aware/informed of ALL issues relating to having a lifestyle to bring the ultimate enjoyment she can have. Socially, emotionally and physically in the hope she can grasp a life that is out there for the right of an ultimate lifestyle of anyone.

I really have a passion that the needs of a young person be given all the assistance we can offer for the right of passage from child to adult.

Do any of us remember the turmoil of those teenage years?...now add Ichthyosis to it...wow! How scary could that be for some!

I know this area is open for "dating" issues but anyone wonder if we could be bold and courageous enough to open an area specifically for "intimacy and relationships"????

This would have to be moderated with care, as I hope it would be. The moderators being chosen in a way to realise the sensitivity and courage it may take for a person to actual state their concerns.

Lets help them in a way to handle life in a better way. A phrase in mind is lets be better not bitter.