I am new to the board but I have ich..I am 23yrs old now and my experience with ich and sports while growing up was interesting.while in elementary school I could play any sport I wanted up to about the age of 17..thats when physical sports such as football,soccer etc..any kind of sport that has to do with hitting, kicking etc..became a problem. I now get open sores (wounds) on the lower part of my legs (calves/shins) and feet..so I dont know much about the type of ich ur son has but that has been my experience with my type of ich which is volgaris..and with swimming my derm told me to avoid water as much as possible which I understand now,cause growing up of course u bathe and I found there were problems everytime I did my skin would hurt really bad after even after applying lotion,actually I use aquaphor works the best out of everything I ever tried..its wonderful stuff..I hope I kind of helped. thanks