My two little ones have LI and they definitely run hot. Usually in the summer time my son loves to go play at the park, run around after the dogs, typical toddler stuff. You will see when he begins to when he overheats (face is flushed, red, and even body) and adult intervention is needed. Nothing extreme. We keep a cold drink handy and when we know he is going out to play in the heat, we pack an extra tee shirt or washcloth in a ziplock bag and put ice in with it. Eventually the ice begins to melt and yes the shirt gets wet, but when he begins to over heat we take the shirt he has on, off, and put the cool, wet one on. Off he goes. It brings his temp down, moisturizes his skin, and he can continue to play. Put the shirt you just took off and put it in the ziplock bag to be ready to cool him down again. If necessary, sit him down for a break with a cool drink, snack, and place the cool,wet washcloth on his neck or on top of his head to help. The cool wet shirt you just put on will be dried out when he comes back. This works pretty good for the hot summer days. Winter time we seldom find him overheating. On occasion, if we leave his winter coat on to run in the store he will get flushed. We have to take the coat off.
Pools and lakes. We have taken both our kids to public swimming pool recreation centers and have them in our personal pool and never ran into problems with infections. Swimming in lakes would only concern me if they had open or healing wounds. The only concerns with swimming is definitely use a waterproof sunblock with a high SPF rating 45+ and when they come out of the pool or lake give them a fresh water rinse and lube them up right away. The only thing I have heard is the chlorine and other chemicals put in pools really dries them out. Hope this helps.
Daddy of:
Michael 5 yr and Aurora (Roro)4 yr.
Both affected with LI