Hello JDS and Sofie
What type of ichthyosis does your son have?X linked is one of the milder forms of ichthyosis,and I was able to play every competive sports available.In the summertime,most x linked affected people will shed their scales and dryness, so my sweating and overheating was not a problem. Its in the winter months where I was affected most,when the skin is tight and scaling, and mostly the types of sports where running was constant.I loved basketball and soccer, but had to watch my energy level.Once overheating began,I would slow up my pace,conserve energy,and back off.Cross country running was the ultimate and I hated it with a passion.The ironic thing is I never associated overheating with x linked ichthyosis until I read some of the posts by others on this board, so a special thanks goes out to all who helped me understand.JDS, your son will naturally find a happy medium to be competitive and not overexert too much energy.Thanks again for your post.
Les Avakian