Hello everybody my name is Ed I am a 30 year old from from new jersey and would like to thank everybody on this sight for all of the supporting information that everybody has posted concerning ichthyosis.Now my first question is,can anybody tell me what kind of ichthyosis is the one where you have very dry scaly skin that looks like baked on oatmeal that itches non stop and build up mostly in my sleep.Also my second question is about medications I seen many of you use lac hydrin 12% now I need to know what remedy does anyone uses to help eliminate the stinging and burning when applying it.My third question is what type of product can anybody recommend to use on the face for the peeling and redness.I am open to any suggestions that any body would have cause I have had this condition since I been born and to the date cant find anybody in my family that has this condition since I red that this is a hereditary skin desease. So with my final saying I would appreciate any help that anybody out there can provide