Hello Sssssshhhyea
Welcome to our ichthyosis group and I`m happy you posted.When you first mentioned itching and dryness, I thought you might have x linked.In further reading I would take a guess that you have vulgaris (common) ichthyosis.That is only a guess and a doctor could better diagnose your type of ichthyosis with a blood test or a genetic test.As for the inheritance, you could have inherited ichthyosis from your parents.Your younger brother might not have inherited the genes that produce ichthyosis.I know in X linked ichthyosis, there is a 50% chance of inheriting the marked x chromosome. Im not sure of the percentages on vulgaris or the other types of ich.Some of my vulgaris friends are using Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion with 10% urea(moisturizing) and 10% lactic acid(exfolient) to help their skin with dryness and itching.Im sorry to hear the Lachydrin is not working for you as it has been for me.A friend of mine in your area uses Ulatem (sp?) and is very satisfied.We have a few ichthyosis friends up in the British Columbia area, and I hope they post what works best.Take care SSShhhyyea and by for now.
Les Avakian