Hi guys,

I just recently registered and signed up to join this.

Here's my story, I lived in the Southern Part of Phillipines for the first 8 years of my life. I then came to Vancouver, Canada when I was 9. I got ichtyosis, my arms, my legs, my back, and my buttocks have little brown spots and they do fairly get very dry & itchy. I don't have it on my hands, my face, nor my feet thou. They are smooth and fine.

My mother also had the same problem when we came to Canada, but mine is worst than hers. Her spots have fairly cleared and is unnoticable unless you really look close at her skin.

I've been reading many of the thread discussions here and it's so amazing to see other people share their problems and find support. I'm very happy to see that there are people who really care.

I'm 22 years old now and to tell you the truth, I've never had problems with girls until now. I had many girlfriends while I was in high school and they were hot. I have had ichtyosis since I was 13. Skin is the least worry you should have with a girl cause I think they have far more worries about you as a person. Trust me, I've been there. LOL. I can't believe i'm saying this.

But now that I'm 22, my physical appearance has become a very important issue of mine in this stage of my life and I now have become very shy and worried what other new girls might think.

I find it so funny that when I was in high school and even a few years after high school, that my ichtyosis didn't bother me nor and now it has that I'm older.

I know that there has got to be a solution out there and a way to solve this skin disorder. I've been using lac-hydrin lotion, but it really doesn't seem to help.

My question for you guys?

I see that there are my different kinds of ichtyosis. I know mine is not inherited because I have a little brother who was born here and his skin is perfect. I would really like to know which kind of ichtyosis I have so I can figure out a daily routine that would help my skin. I know there's gotta be a way. Open to suggestions and all the help.

Thanks for reading.

Be the best that you can be...
Be the best that you can be...