Hi everyone,
I cant believe all the comments made on this topic. Sometimes I read questions on the board that seem to offer no real information at all. But everyones input on this is great even though the topic has fluctuated slightlty. I also cant believe the number of ppl with x-link, i was thinkin it was just me and les. Firstly, in response to charmed, I too have noticed my fast healing rate, everyone comments on it, and i too felt like wolverine after watching x-men. I just thought it was me but could be something to do with x-linked, would be strange to know why though. I think its great that i heal so quick, i often joke at my dad and mates when they take so long to heal, I work security on the evenings at a night club and when fights break out im usually back 2days later completely normal. Secondly i would like to add a few points about the creams and lotions ppl use. I have noticed that it is important to use certain creams on different severities of your skin scaliness/dryness. For example, Am-lactin works great on my forearms and legs where scaling occurs, however, my stomach has always been smooth and clear with normal moisturisers. When i used amlactin on it though it started to get dry. So it seems important to give the certain areas of your body what it needs. Scaled areas need urea or lactic acid, but "normal" skin which may just get dry only need moisturisers such as vaseline intensive care, E45 etc. I have also started using the glycerin/water lotion on my body after a bath and i felt like how i do in summer when i sweat all the time. I felt warm and 'closed in' and was so comfortable I went straight to sleep. Dont use it abundantly on your face though as that felt greasy and was too hot. Thirdly, I would like to ask some ppls input on the comment made about the use of lactic acid affecting the muscles. I've been an avid body builder for 5 yrs now, dont do steroids e.t.c as i just want a strong, good natural physique, but i have noticed over the last year that my muscle size has decreased and i have been gettin shaky. I have also found it harder to lift the same weights in a way ive never felt b4. Anyway i'll end this here as anyone with small attention span will be gettin bored now. Great posts by the way everyone.