Ichy82 I understand exactly where you're coming from. I used to use Lac-Hydrin 12% and really it made the condition worse to me because it caused excess scaling all the time and would leave me feeling almost too moisturized, for example, when I applied it in the winter my skin would feel like I was fresh out of the shower the whole day and freezing my *** off or in the summer it would make me feel way too hot. Right now I'm using Eurcerin with urea. Lac-Hydrin doesn't have any urea in it and urea in combination with a smaller amount of lactic acid seems to help me more than just a large amount of lactic acid does. One thing about lactic acid is that it can build up in the muscle tissue and can cause the muscles to cease. A few times when using Lac-Hydrin in excess (I've used massive amounts to try and help before) I've had severe muscle weakness and at a few times have felt as though my whole body was made of strings. I know it sounds crazy but it has happened to me and I believe it's caused by excess lactic acid build up from the Lac Hydrin. Anyways enough ranting. Right now I'm taking omega 3 flax oil and drinking 2 liters of water a day and my skin is the best it's ever been in my life. I have absolutely no scaling on my upper torso or arms anymore and in other places it's very minimal except on my feet and ankles. Usually around this time of year I don't wan't to go out in public because of severe flaking all over my face and scalp and discoloration and flaking on my neck and just the overall discomfort of having a large amount of scales clinging to my body. You should give Omega 3 oil a shot and invest in a nice brita water filter and start drinking water all the time and see if it helps. I know it has helped a few other people with Ich V besides myself.

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