Hi Keith,

You certainly make a good point about the cost of living. I will reiterate that caveat as well as others I have made as well. Not only is the cost of living higher than average, but there is also the cost of possibly leaving friends and family as well as a familiar cultural surroundings. This applies even more so to Hawaii than to South Florida, let alone the Carribean.

To what extent relocation helps anyone with something other than severe vulgaris I really don't know. That's why I also include that caveat generally.

But I do speak with supreme confidence on the impact of a more hospitable climate on severe vulgaris. And I do harp on this single issue for a number of reasons: (1) I do find the weather to be a prime determinant of the condition of severe vulgaris, but I had to learn this the hard way, through trial and error and not through an advise forum such as this, (2)
I am not speaking theoretically, but drawing on personal experience backed by conventional (but understated) clinical understanding, (3) the paradox of "heat intolerance" can be complicated.

Basically, I am addressing my point to younger people, not those of us have planted roots in a particular community. Younger people need to understand that if their condition is highly susceptiable to the weather, but have a hard time braving snowy winters or dry climates, they have an option to relocate, especially for college.
The earlier the relocation, if that option is chosen, the better. Again, I am speaking from experience. I had ten "lost" years from 18 to 28. I should and could have relocated when I was 18. But I didn't have good foresight and adequate information. And I have had to play catch-up ever since.

I will do all I can to recommend to people to investigate the option of relocation because we don't live in a communist country with an internal passport system. But I will not tell people to "come to Hawaii," as if there is no liability on my part to do so. Even if there is no legal liability for making such a suggestion (or any other suggestion on this board), there is moral liability or guilt feelings. What if someone were to move to Hawaii and something bad happens, like a mugging or something? Besides, I am not in any position to help anybody with time or money.

The only thing I can do is to raise awareness of the option to relocate on this board. People can investigate which place has the best weather for them in the States or world wide and the pros and cons of moving. I would be remiss if I don't speak up as much as I can.

Hope you get a chance to visit Hawaii soon. Take care.
Don't ever lose hope when
there is a promised land, and "sweat" dreams