Hey people,
I have to agree with you on how weather effects us and I have a perfect example. I live in southern california where our temperatures rarely get below 50. Any of you who know me know that I rarely use lotions and creams except on my face and my scales stay pretty much the same year round except for when it gets real hot. Well, over the thanksgiving weekend I went and visited my inlaws in northern part of the state about 400 miles from where I am now. The daytime temps were in the 40's and I felt the effect instantly. Within one day I was so dry I could hardly move and ended up going to the local drug store and getting some eucerin and gooped it on all over which is something I rarely do. It took several days after getting back home before I could stop using the eucerin. Moving to a more hospitable climate definently is better for our skin during the winter months, but is it worth it??? You have to take into consideration the cost of living in these places, the rent and property values here are outrageous and the job market isn't that great. You could spend far more to buy/rent a home here then you would buying gallons of your favorite moisturizer each month. I always here promiseland say "move to hawaii the weather is great for our skin" ( I am in no way putting you down or picking on you promise), currently I have 3 differnt places I could live there on two differnt islands at relatives houses. I would end up in the same boat as so many other people do, can't find a decent job to pay for the extremely high cost of living. Most people I know who live over there have 2 jobs just to get by. To sum it all up, the more favorable climates are great for us but be prepared to pay twice as much for rent or mortgage and make only 10 to 15% more then other areas in wages. The average price for a lot here, a very small lot compared to many places, with what we call a "knockdown" house on it is easily $400,000. It's rediculous. Keep these things in mind when thinking about moving, it's very tough to make it in the more favorable climates because it is a more sought after area.