yea it sucks, i absolutely hate it, sometimes i think im a freak cuz i cant even take my shirt off without feeling so different. I have it only on my lower back (i cant get rid of it at all), some on my arm, on my thigh and a bit on my buttocks.

Heres the story, when i was young my parents said my skin was absolutely fine (we lived in a tropical area). Around grade 2, when we moved to Toronto, Canada my skin became progressively worse, finally moving to edmonton (dry, cold climate) pushed me to the edge and my skin got worse. My brother on the other hand, has no icthyosis and his skin is soft and perfectly normal.

My icthyosis doesnt hurt, the scales dont go away it looks glued on! I always feel dry. Using lac-hydrin makes my skin feel softer and removes about 20% of the scaling thats about it.

I want to get rid of the scaling, but it seems like its deep into the epithelial layers and there is no flaking really.