Hi Brenda,
I am Shelly.
I was wondering the same thing. I went in this winter and my last two liver tests came back abnormal, they tested me for hepatitis since I use to teach in a small village in the Arctic and may have been exposed. Then they did the ultra sound and didn't find anything there. They thought I have what's called fatty liver and were going to do a biopsy but I postponed it to see if I could do something on my own. I found a book called the "Fat flush plan" which focuses on a diet to help your liver. Three months later I was tested again and it was perfectly normal, and my blood sugar levels which were also high dropped dramatically. There is a website for it called www.fatflushplan.com or www.annlouisegittleman.com. I didn't want to do the biopsy either, not keen on big needles. Take care
Michele Menzia