My boyfriend has been diagnosised with Ichthyosis Vulgaris since he was born... He is now 21 yrs old.. We live in Upstate Ny and there really isnt that good of doctors around here... When he was younger they use to do all sorts of treatments on him for example they use ti give him shots in his head of a steriod thinking it would help it but it only made him bald... He recently has been going to a new doctor around here but he really doesnt know anything... He has tried many creams and many shampoos but nothing is working... His scalp is also getting infected all the time... The doctor gave him a cream which when he was under a black light at bowling he glowed in the dark... Having this has always been very embarrassing for him and it just made it ever worse... In school he was always picked on about it and after a yr of dating he is finally comfortable with me to even take his hat off... His head is the worst... Its very scaly and sometimes when you take some of it off it looks like worms under it... An it has like this brown yuky stuff on it and it also smells... His mother takes care of all his doctor appointments and will not let me get involved... I have done a lot of research on this and it would be nice if I had a doctor around this area that could help him... The doctor here has put him on many prescriptions which is for acne and things like that... Its very frustrating on him and on me... If anyone can help me or have any ways in which u can help me please contact me! Thank you so much!