Hi my name is Christine,and I am living here in North Bay,Ontario,Canada. Any way I have 2 boy's that have a skin disdorder called Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis Non Bullous Type. Congenital Ichthyosiform. I would like to know if their anyone as men that have the same effect on this condition. if so, I would like to understand how men or boy's go threw with this sort of rare skin disdorder. It would make me understand more on males that have this sort of condition. I to have this too as a mother,which I had past this down on my kid's. this came from my father side of his family. he was a carrier at the time. i was the one to show this on the outside,ofcourse. I alos have a natural cure on this that would make you feel a whole alot better of your self. And this is all natural produces,and it will not hurt you or you will see the good things that happens to you. You look more of a younger person and in good health to. So if anyone would like to know how I am dealing on this,thenI can share this with you when you reply back to me. and I know it will help you to,the same skin condition that i have. So take care,and have a good week. Christine Chomicki.