I can't hide my Ichthyosis either. When I first got a computer an old friend of mine showed me how to load msn chat and get an ID. Then he gave me all of our old friends ID's that had moved away and we had kept in contact with. I started chatting alot with a buddy of mine who lives in Northern California, then his wife took over the computer and I rarely got to talk to him anymore. One night while taking to his wife she said that her cousin was online, should we invite her to chat with us? I said sure, I didn't know who she was. Like yourself, I wasn't looking for a relationshipat all. Since I am a nightowl and she worked the swing shift, I found her online at night alot. To make a long story short I chatted and talked to her on the phone for months without ever telling her I had Ichthyosis. Then came the big question, "when are you going to come up here and meet me?" I used every excuse I had not to meet her for weeks even months. Finally I figured I had better tell her so she would quit hounding me. To my surprise, the next day, she had looked up Ichthyosis on the web, found the FIRST site for me, told me there was a conference coming up, completely blew me away. I finally went and met her, more nervous then I had ever been, once the introductions were over and we were in a more private setting I showed her my Ichthyosis and basically said this is it, what do you think? If she had shown any hesitation or ignorance I would have left right away. I should have told her in the beginning but I never had any intention of marrying this girl, let alone meeting her. Pauline, who says my wife doesn't have an existing health or disability, she's crazy like all women [img][/img].