Hello all I just thought I would post a message concerning the mens point of view concerning my type of ich. I have X linked and never considered it a hindrance to relationships.When growing up the only creme I used was Eucerin which didnt help itching.I tried every over the counter creme and nothing worked until being prescribed Lachydrin 12% lactic acid in 1983.Its not for everyone, but it changed my life. One application in the morning and sometimes when it is cold, an application at night, and the the scales on my legs and arms are gone.It also helps greatly with itching on my back and torso.The environment also helps my kind of ichthyosis.The scales begin when the temperature falls below 70 degrees. I can feel the tightness come on and the itching beginning about the latter part of October and lasts until about March.My hope is that many people will post to this site and give us your views on how you cope with ichthyosis.
Les Avakian