Hello everyone... Iím Steve, 35 from London UK. I have had this dry ear problem for the last...2 years and its getting worst. I have been to see the doctor a number of times, and to my amazement Ich has never been mentioned.

From what I have read so far it would seem that I have Ich.. Not sure what type...

My ears are dry from top to bottom, including the ear canal. There is also a dry area on both sides of my face between the ear and sideburn. The dryness does look like scaling... I can sometimes pull off whole sections of skin at once..

I use Aqueous cream twice daily.... and this does help...

What puzzles me is that. I reed that people with Ach suffer from birth. Why at 33 did this happen to me?

Over the past couple of week I have been itching crazy over my whole body... i have had a stressful period... is this associated to Ich?

All comments welcome