I was just going to suggest Leo the Lop. It is very cute. I read it to my kinder kiddos every year. It is a bit long though. It is a Serendipty book.

Another one is Odd Velvet. About a little gilr that is very different than the other kids. Brings the teacher a rock, uses only 8 crayons, and knows lots of weird things. By the end of the story, the children realize that she is not odd and actually beign to enjoy/appreciate some of the same things.

Charlie the Caterpillar by Dom Deluise. About an ugly caterpillar that wants nothing more than to be wanted by the other creatures. He tends into a beautiful butterfly and the creatures of course decide they want to play. He makes friends with a "ugly" girl caterpillar who of course in turn becomes a butterfly. You could then have the kids watercolor 2 coffee filters. I pinch the coffee filters between clothes pins to make butterflies. We even sit around and talk about how each of our butterflies is perfect because we made it and each one is also very different.

Clara Caterpillar- again on the same lines.

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Oh gosh, if you need more let us know. I'll pull my beginning of the year books and look through them. I have probably 30-40 related to this topic.
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