Hi everyone,
I'm Candy, mommy to Matti who's 2 1/2 now and has EHK. Thanks for your earlier advice. His skin infections now are much lesser. Thanks for all your encouragement!

My husband and I plan to let him join a pre-school/play school by March. The school teachers are asking if I know of any children's story book that will sort of touch on Matti's differences?

They've asked me to go to the school, read this story to the kids during circle time so they can answer questions about Matti's skin.

I'm a teacher working with children with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities but I can't think of any book right now except for
"You Are Special" by Max Lucado...which by the way, made me cry.

Maybe some of you know of any story book? I know that using literature and metaphors are great ways to help children adjust to social/emotional issues.

Thanks for your help!